Definitions for Animal Protection and Vegetarianism


'The definitions for animal protection and vegetarianism are different in different nations' is one of the most important conclusions of ORIGINS OF ATTITUDES TOWARDS ANIMALS (OAA). Animal Protection is a relatively culturally neutral term for positive attitudes towards animals. Dr Jenia Meng reported in the book that the results of 'Global Attitude to Animals Survey 2007/08' suggest the definitions for animal protection consists of the following components in the participating nations.

Nations Components of Animal Protection
(listed in descending order of relevance, the left most component is the most relevent)
China (Mainland) animal experimentation, wildlife protection, anti-cruelty
Czech anti-cruelty, animal experimentation, wildlife protection
Spain anti-cruelty, animal use, zoo, use of animals for work,
Ireland genetic change, anti-cruelty
Iran anti-cruelty, wildlife protection
Korea, South anti-cruelty, wildlife protection
Macedonia wildlife protection, anti-cruelty, genetic change
Norway animal experimentation, anti-cruelty
Portugal genetic change, anti-cruelty, wildlife protection
Sweden anti-cruelty, animal experimentation
Serbia animal experimentation, killing, anti-cruelty
UK genetic change, anti-cruelty, animal experimentation

Dr Jenia Meng also reported in the book that the results of 'Global Attitude to Animals Survey 2007/08' suggest that among 12 Participating nations, more vegetarian students in Norway, Portugal, Sweden and the UK consume animal products. In other words, vegetarians in these nations are less restricted. In contrast, vegetarians in Iran were found to be the most restricted. Vegetarians in some nations may not qualify as vegetarians in some other nations.

The detail of the definitions can be found in ORIGINS OF ATTITUDES TOWARDS ANIMALS (OAA).

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